BaSYS is produced by Barthauer Software GmbH.
Barthauer Software GmbH has been operating in the German-speaking regions of Europe for over 25 years already. Based in Braunschweig, the company has branches in Berlin, Potsdam, Munich and Würzburg. More than 1,000 clients are successfully using BARTHAUER software. Over 40 employees are currently dedicated to the maintenance, further development and support of the company’s leading product, the database-driven network information system BaSYS.

The core of the BaSYS 8 system is the project database, that can be hosted either on Oracle (9i / 10g) or Microsoft SQL Server (SQL Server 2000 / SQL Server 2005). The database contains all relevant network objects including geometrical components as well as further information such as normative libraries or userdefined lists. In BaSYS 8 several modules are designed around this database.


Due to this approach of storing relevant information in the central database, the network objects do not need geometrical components if no calculations are performed that require geometric information as input parameters and no graphical presentation of the network is needed.

The data inside the project database can be explored by standard software like Microsoft Access without any restrictions. The content is not encoded by any proprietary algorithms following the business principals of the Barthauer company. Therefore, the system offers a large degree of openness in using it and managing user data.

Beside other standards BaSYS 8 fully supports the European DIN-EN 13508 covering drain and sewer systems external to any buildings.