Last appointment with our travel diary in the SCIFI project: we arrived at the conclusion of this six months accelerator programme and pilot project. Last two months were marked by the development of the IT solution as agreed with the Municipality of Delft and for communication and promotional events.

During June, monitoring process of waste bins through ultrasonic sensors, has been integrated to developing Dashboard. Sigfox network and system’s architecture, structured by FIWARE, have allowed a quick and efficient integration of real time data to the IT system. Comparison with Delft’s Municipality staff allowed us to better define functionalities and tools, which in this first Dashboard should be developed; finding the right compromise between available data, project proposal and concrete application of the solution.

The 21st of June, we had the opportunity to promote our activities carried out inside SCIFI, at Smart City Event hosted in The Hague . The Dutch event was the moment to meet some project’s partners (Agoria, Southampton University and obviously our references in Delft), to expose our solution during specific round tables and to take part to B2B focused on creating future opportunities.


Round Table 22, session 1

Smart City Event – The Hague – Round Table 22


Last project’s month has been used to refine the Dashboard, through application of agreed functionalities and predictive algorithm about filling level of city’s waste bins. Final output is a Decision Support System (DSS) able to integrate various data sources, to provide indications on real filling state of fifteen monitored bins, to define efficient empting activities, to integrate citizens reports related to dirtiness on streets and to forecast waste’s stress scenarios considering also city’s events calendar.

Finally, the 25th of July was the time for the final verification of the project together with the Delft Municipality and the discussion of possible future developments. I take this opportunity to thank people involved in the project for their willingness and the excellent working environment established during these six months.



End of the project in Delft

The SCIFI project was a great learning and growth opportunity for Sis.Ter; reached the end of this adventure, there remains an excellent relationship built over past few months with the City of Delft, with which we hope to collaborate again in the future and a product, perfectible, but certainly ready for further challenges.

Edoardo Vigo,

Foreign Projects Officer