After the selection notification received in November, negotiations and milestone documents in December. Here we are: new year and beginning of the acceleration process of our pilot project that will see us collaborate with the city of Delft (NL) in the realization of a smart waste management project.

The official start of this adventure took place at the annual conference of the OASC (Open & Agile Smart Cities), held in Brussels on the 17th of January.

Connected Smart Cities Conference has been the opportunity to listen to interesting interventions by speakers at the event and especially the moment to meet personally those involved in the SCIFI project.

The official signing of the contract between Sis.ter and Delft has been an appreciated institutional moment, a preamble to an excellent collaborative synergy aimed to develop a successful project.

Sis.Ter, the only Italian company within the SCIFI project, is proudly ready to tackle the challenge with its skills and know-how.

The meeting in Brussels was a pleasant visit to the heart of European Union, with inclusion themes and good sensations about partners, collaborative aspects and learning opportunities.
In this first month of the year and first month of the project, Sis.Ter we went on 28th of January in Delft for the first technical meeting with the city.

Two days of work with the municipality were marked by technical meetings with stakeholders involved in the project, field inspections with critical approach and lots of useful ideas to develop a shared and functional technological solution for the challenge.

Delft is a marvelous city and a wonderful job opportunity for Sis.Ter: an opportunity to compare with other realities and improve our presence in European context.

Make this opportunity a great success!
See you on the next episode of our travel diary in the SCIFI project …

Edoardo Vigo,

Foreign Projects Officer