About City Omnis

Sis.Ter’s corporate strategy in a nutshell, City Omnis is a technological platform which, through the collection and processing of data and information, allows the urban context development cycle to be monitored, analysed and managed in all its aspects.

City Omnis is active at three different levels:


Cloud Tecnology

Integrated service Through its skills and technology network, Sis.Ter covers all surveying and monitoring options (UAV, SAPR, Satellite, etc.)

From micro to macro

City Omnis, a smart platform for urban scenarios to control every information input: from a single tree to whole built-up districts.

Your city control panel

Thanks to City Omnis services, you can monitor all global development aspects and always have the indicators necessary to manage and plan present and future actions ready at hand.A structural vision of a range of different phenomena combined with the analytical knowledge of every single factor: from local environment to urban development, from asset management to citizen-ship.

Zero-mile data

Information, flow of knowledge, communication, graphic creations, processed diagrams. We perform geolocalised surveys to supply you with an always up-to-date territorial database. A real-time, exclusive service, tailored to customer requirements: in short, zero-mile data!



Sis.Ter is a member of the


For the P.A.

Do you have your city/town under control? Are you applying a sustainable development plan?

For enterprises

Would you like to plan every single urban action in an accurate, timely manner?

Data collection and analysis

Sis.Ter relies on a complete, constantly updated database . Find out more