Urban Land

Global city-planning management

Physically present structures such as green areas, residential buildings and other buildings, and conventional assets such as border lines, road networks, commercial and administrative information.

A visible world and a hidden world – intimately linked

It is possible to perform real-time monitoring of all the city’s built-up areas, public green areas, building plan evolution, the road network and commercial, tourist and cultural development.

An integrated, global approach to urban sustainability

Each item – from individual buildings to whole cities – has a history and an evolution: this information can be collected, processed and organised with a view to obtaining global mapping of each phenomeno.

Knowledge of the local territory

A global, and at the same time, specific knowledge of the local environment, to be able to pursue planning starting from a map which – on the basis of geographical surveys – enables to acquire a multidisciplinary variety of data.

Access to service

For the P.A.

Which development actions do you intend to pursue?

For enterprises

Are you up to speed on existing commercial and economic growth plans in your local area?



Monitoring roads, streets, pavements, cycle paths, supervising public transport.

Green areas

Maintenance of green areas, parks and forests. Flora and fauna, tree census, action planning.


Monitoring of the fiscal drag and tax payments by town/city residents.


Monitoring of public lighting and traffic lighting systems.

Property & Land Registry

Monitoring of the city building areas, buildings blocks, structures and infrastructures.

Water management

Management of water systems.


Systematic virtual study and programming of urban building development plans.


SBusiness analyses and monitoring of rural areas.


Weather data surveying, collection and analyses.