Urban Life

For the P.A.

What is the citizens’ global perception of their own territory? Would you like your government to be transparent?

For enterprises

What are the development trends within your city’s economic texture? What are the residents’ wishes?

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Local territory and people

Not just environment. Not just buildings. Not just shopping centres or industrial estates. Not just green areas.
A city is also its people – living in it and establishing a close-knit network of relations.

Urban measurement skills

Urban Life points out all the networks of relations created within the urban context by its residents. Networks of relations, communication flows, and information creating city life.

Access to service



Road safety, local environmental safety.

Quality of life

Measures of the quality of life.


Monitoring of GP practices, paediatricians, pharmacies, available hospital beds.


Monitoring and planning of vehicle traffic flows.


Collection and processing of environmental data, smog, energy and noise pollution.


Local geographical marketing.


Marketing solutions to help local economic growth.


Monitoring of city tourist flows: hotels, restaurants, accommodations.


Local cultural ideas and projects, museums, libraries, exhibitions.