Sis.Ter Vision & Mission

Sis.Ter® is a place where people can valorize their skills, realizing themselves and working for well-being of others through visions, tools and solutions that can improve life’s quality starting from knowledge on how to understand and valorize reality. The challenge is to innovate continuously places in the wake of tradition, for a sustainable development of cities and different realities that operate there. Sis.Ter®’s mission is living innovation offering consulting, research and services in the field of new applied technologies, with particular care to Data and Knowledge management and ability to synthesize and display information.


Through people with interdisciplinary training and continuous updating we can guarantee a high level of professionalism. Our IT personnel are EUCIP certified.

Quality to ensure value

Solutions provided must be perceived by clients as drivers of value creation, being as measurable as possible (best performance, savings in operating costs, data quality).

Sis.Ter® srl’s business is inspired by the most scrupulous respect for the rules of procedure, the rules of fair competition, good technical and administrative practices and the principles and regulations contained in the Code of Ethics.

Sis.Ter® is ISO 9001 and ISO / IEC 27001 certified 

An ethical code for growth in the right perspective

The Ethical Code establishes reference standards and rules of conduct to guide the behaviour and activities of those who work for Sis.Ter®, be they directors, employees or collaborators.

Different professionalisms for a single goal

Sis.Ter®’s business, both in relation to providing services and developing solutions for our clients, relies on people whose professionalism is regarded as a precious asset to be maintained over time.

Maintenance and assistance

Customer service and support play an integral role in our business operations, to ensure our products are always used to their full potential.